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SCHUKO® socket outlet shuttered

The SCHUKO® socket outlet with integrated shutter offers greater protection for children against the dangers of electric shock.
In contrast to inserts that are fitted later, it has the product guarantee of the VDE mark of conformity.
The socket outlet is easy to use and the design is unimpaired.
Little ones love to discover things.
Although this makes parents happy, it does have its associated dangers.
The socket outlet is soon discovered.
But, there is a reassuring solution: the shuttered socket outlet.
This provides far better protection for children than the standard socket outlet because the automatic shutter only opens with
parallel pressure applied to both opening holes.
Main benefits
  • Offers greater safety for children due to protection against the risk of electric shock
  • Familiar comfortable operation
  • The socket outlet is easy to use and the design is unimpaired

Main features

  • The shutter only opens with simultaneous pressure on both openings
  • Retrofitted "Teddies" are deceptive and do not conform to VDE regulations
  • The shutter is firmly attached to the socket outlet and cannot be accidentally removed

SCHUKO® USB socket outlet

A fixed location for charging.

Now the suitable smartphones, tablets, cameras or MP3 players can be charged everywhere in the house at a fixed location: at the new SCHUKO® USB socket outlets.
The search for USB charging stations each with their own power adapters and electric cables is now a thing of the past.
And the plug-in location of the socket outlet is retained during the exchange. Charging is therefore made even more comfortable.

The combination of proven SCHUKO® socket outlet with earth contact and modern USB power adapter also ensures a uniform design.
It is available in all modern colours for numerous Busch-Jaeger switch ranges – such as carat®, pure stainless steel, solo®, Busch-axcent®, alpha, future® linear, Reflex SI/SI Linear.
The integrated shutter of the SCHUKO® USB socket outlet with earth contact provides increased protection. The socket outlet is also energy-saving. In standby mode – when no device is being charged
-the power consumption is less than 0.1 watt.
It costs around 20 cents per year.

Who enters the socket outlet first? Both!


Main benefits
  • The integrated shutter of the SCHUKO® USB socket outlet with earth contact provides increased protection
  • The socket outlet is also energy-saving
  • In standby mode – when no device is being charged - the power consumption is less than 0.1 watt

Main features

  • Charging current up to 700 mA
  • Electronic short-circuit and overload protection
  • VDE certification

Busch-Object socket outlet

Puts an end to trip hazards.

Tripping over a cable, for example, represents a danger not only for older or disabled persons.
The Busch-Object socket outlet has elastic side walls so that the plug can pull faster from the socket when necessary.
This protects tenants against accidents, devices remain intact longer, socket outlets are ripped out of the wall less often
-and you save maintenance costs!


Ideal protection against life-threatening body currents.

Life-threatening body currents can arise, for example, due to damaged cables, moisture or defective devices.
When necessary, the earth leakage circuit breaker isolates the voltage in the socket outlet instantly and reliably.
The socket outlet is also ideally suited for kitchens, hobby rooms, cellars and gardens.
If the electrical network of a house is not suited for the installation of a central residual current circuit breaker,
this socket outlet is the ideal solution since it fulfils the protective safety measures without having to renew the entire electrical installation. 

The new FI-SCHUKOMAT with reduced height.

Now as flat as a socket outlet.

Main benefits
  • Easy to retrofit, as surface-mounted or flush-mounted version
  • Protection against hazardous body currents
  • Operationally safe since only the socket outlet is without voltage after being triggered and not the entire electric circuit

Main features

  • Surface-mounted version is available also in IP 44
  • With integrated shutter according to VDE 0664
  • Installation regulation DIN VDE 0100

SCHUKO® socket outlet with hinged lid

Almost invisible, always ready for use.

Single socket outlets do not always look advantageous in living areas.

The hinged lid covers the socket outlet when it is not being used and so provides greater safety in one's use of electricity.

Labelling Tool.

Precisely designating all products - with the practical labelling tool for your individual text.
Easy and visually attractive for numerous products.

SCHUKO® socket outlet marked "SV/ZSV" in green and orange

Specialist for special use.

Shows colour and thus indicates specific voltage sources in medical rooms.

This special socket outlet offers a special advantage due to its base being solid-coloured, because in this way the special function of the socket outlet is retained even when the cover plate and frame have been removed.



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