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Amatrol Mechanical Systems 2 Learning System - 96-MEC2

Amatrol’s Mechanical Systems 2 Learning System (96-MEC2) teaches the fundamentals of mechanical transmission systems used in areas such as industrial, agricultural, and mobile applications. This learning system teaches vital industrial skills including how to design, install, operate, and analyze basic mechanical transmission systems using components like chains, v-belts, spur gears, bearings, shafts, and couplings. Common real-world applications of mechanical transmission systems include drive shafts on cars and air compressors.

The 96-MEC2 features a variety of real-world mechanical components such as a 1/3 Hp constant speed motor, v-belt, roller chain, and a digital tachometer. Learners use these components to practice hands-on skills such as mounting a motor to a work surface, assembling a v-belt and roller chain drive systems, and measuring motor speed. In addition to hands-on skill building, learners study the mathematical theory behind mechanical applications such as calculating mechanical power, mechanical efficiency, and the shaft speed and torque of a belt drive system.


Construct Mechanical Systems the Right Way!

The 96-MEC2 offers a vast array of mechanical system topics laid out in a logical, easy-to-follow course. Beginning with safety rules for working with mechanical systems, learners are taught how to mount a constant speed motor, check for soft foot, align shafts and couplings, and install and operate v-belt and roller chain mechanical drive systems. Learners study five types of belt drives; four types of chain drives; lockout/tagout; keyseat fasteners and key assembly; bearings; torque; measurement; power measurement; and much more!

Precision Work Surfaces and Individual Components Provide Real-World Training

This workstation is hand-constructed from heavy-duty welded steel and provides a precision-matched, thick work surface made of aluminum tooling plate to enable learners to perform precise shaft alignments. These tough aluminum plates take the abuse of continuous training and will never rust. Holes are drilled into the work surface to enable students to quickly set up a variety of applications using industrial standard components. The system also features three 11-gauge steel panels that mount onto the front of the workstation for the shaft, belt drive, and chain drive components. These panels allow for quick component identification and inventory.

Mechanical Guard Assembly

The mechanical guard assemblies provide operator protection during mechanical drive operation. Two assemblies are included that latch together creating a lockable guard that encloses each setup that can be performed on the mechanical drive work surface. Adjustments can be made safely with the guards in place. The assemblies are stackable, which reduces the area required for storage.

Highly Interactive Multimedia

The 96-MEC2 curriculum is presented in an exciting multimedia format full of interactions that will engage learners. This course features extensive videos, 3D animations, audio, and colorful graphics that will motivate learners and help them learn more effectively. This curriculum covers major mechanical topics.

Student Reference Guide

A sample copy of the Mechanical Drives 2 Student Reference Guide is also included with the system for your evaluation. Sourced from the system’s multimedia curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfect-bound book. Student Reference Guides supplement this course by providing a condensed, inexpensive reference tool that learners will find invaluable once they finish their training making it the perfect course takeaway.

Learning Topics

  • V-Belt Operation
  • Belt Tensioning
  • Chain Drive Operation, Tensioning & Measurement
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Introduction to Shafts, Bearings & Couplings
  • Mechanical Efficiency
  • Torque & Power Measurement
  • Keyseat Fasteners & Assembly
  • Shaft Speed Measurement
  • Motor Mounting
  • Machine Installation
  • Mechanical Power Transmission Safety

Key Features

  • Prony Brake for Testing Load
  • Mechanical Guard Assembly
  • Rigid Work Surface for Precision Alignment
  • Interactive Multimedia

Product Options

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Additional Requirements

  • Mechanical Systems 1 Learning System (96-MEC1)
  • Hand Tool Package (41210)
  • Computer


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